In late 1997 we introduced our brass model of the Cat 140H Motor Grader. This was the fifth release in our 12 model series, the Caterpillar Classic Collection in 1:87 scale.

Complete with Cat markings and livery, this 140H has amazing detail for the available technology at the time and being such a small-scale replica. It includes an articulated front end, free-spinning rubber tires, and a moldboard that rotates. The operator’s cab and front axle are especially detailed, and even the side view mirrors on the operator cab rotate. The dimensions of the model were 3.9” long, 1.1” wide, and 1.4” high. All weighing just a couple ounces.

This particular model would not have been possible without extensive feedback from engineers and operators at Caterpillar. We were able to make this model so accurate because of the valuable input we received.

Only 1000 of these models were produced, and they each sold for $149.95. Individual serial numbers and certificates of authenticity assured buyers their purchase was a true collectable.

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