In 2003, Classic Construction Models produced the Bucyrus-Erie 15-B Crane and Cable Hoe in 1:24 scale brass.  8 years later and still impressed with the Crane & Cable Hoe versions, we decided to look into other configurations of the 15-B and settled on reproducing the Shovel version of this legendary machine in 2011.


Weighing in at 26,500 lbs., the Bucyrus-Erie Shovel is equipped with a 15’ 6” boom and 12’ 6” handle, capable of moving a ½ yard of pay dirt per pass.  Utilizing a positive independent twin rope crowd realizes a consistent rhythm for operators, resulting in higher production throughout the shift while increasing rope life and reducing wear on critical parts.  A 54 HP engine at 1325 RPM propels the machine a maximum speed of 1.4 MPH in either direction.


Bucyrus-Erie originally advertised the 15-B as “simple, strong and efficient”; attributes that made this shovel one of the most popular digging and lifting machines ever built. Produced for the better part of two decades, speed, capacity and dependability were hallmarks of this operator friendly machine. A number of these cranes can still be found working and a lucky few have been restored to original condition preserving their history which a living testimony to the legendary status of the 15-B.


Our 1:24 scale, all-brass Bucyrus-Erie 15-B Shovels feature individual pads in the track assembly, a fully detailed track frame and working tensioners.  Open the operator’s door and the model looks ready to operate with its complete compliment of controls and tractor-style seat. The 15-B’s power source, a six-cylinder gas engine, as well as the working drums, are accessible through the three sliding panels on the rear of the cab and hinged side panels opposite the operator. Individual sheet metal rivets on the house and hand assembled boom angle cords are just a few more of the museum quality details found on our Bucyrus-Erie 15-B precision scale brass model.


Only a few of the limited 75-piece production run for the Bucyrus-Eris 15-B Shovel remain in stock here at CCM.  This model will complete any crane or shovel enthusiast’s collection, so be sure to contact us today to add this Memorable Model to your showcase.

One thought on “Memorable Model: Bucyrus-Erie 15-B Shovel
  • I Have a framed b-15 picture loading a red ford dump truck.
    It has a bucyrus Erie tag on the bottom of the frame.
    Would you know if it is worth anything?

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