The first samples of the upcoming Cat® 973 model in 1:48 scale die-cast have been delivered!  After a thorough review, both by us and Caterpillar®, the necessary modifications have been addressed and new 3D parts drawings created. 

From here, our manufacturer will implement these changes, and produce a final pre-production sample model for approval.

Retail price on the 973 has been set at $224.95 – although we are too early in the process to determine availability, we hope to have them here in the 2nd Quarter of 2019. We will provide progress updates as this project develops.

For more information about each model including production runs, as well as additional photos, please click on the respective image below.

3 thoughts on “Just In: First Samples of the 973 Are Here!
  • i dont see hydrualic hoses on the 4 in 1 bucket or the demo bucket but other than that they look great

  • JOHNNY Rodriguez Reply

    missing the holes behind the shovel cylinders (just in front of the windshield)
    the arms of the ripper should be narrower in the chassis part of the machine
    and the two paqueño holes that are seen in the arm should be covered
    I understand that it is difficult to make an exact model to the real, but I think that it is possible to correct some small details that I have already mentioned

    I thank the ccm team for the opportunity they give to collectors to be able to express

  • Hey CCM, good looking model, but wrong paint color. Per Caterpillars website, anything newer than 1980 is supposed to be New Cat Yellow.

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