Last week, an unexpected shipment arrived at our warehouse.  Expecting to find the first sample of a Cat® 416F2 inside, you can imagine our surprise when we revealed the 1:24 scale 287D Multi-Loader.  We just couldn’t contain our excitement and had to share these pictures with you!

287D Multi-Loader

Where do we go from here?  First, both CCM and Caterpillar review the sample and make note of any changes to be made.  Our manufacturer then takes this information and produces a second sample which is again reviewed, this time for production approval.  With the proper approvals in hand, production of the models begins.  Although we are still too early in the process to determine when these models will be complete, we will keep you up to date on any new developments here.

287D Multi-Loader287D Multi-Loader

Retail price on the 287D will be $299.95 plus shipping & handling, with production quantities to be determined.  Requests for this model are now being taken here.  Don’t miss your opportunity to collect the complete Contractor’s Collection series!

287D Multi-Loader287D Multi-Loader

4 thoughts on “Just In: First Samples of the Cat® 287D
  • There’s no electrical pin on the hydraulic hookups on front of machine all high flow machines are supposed to have it

    • Hey Tommy,

      Great eye catching the electrical plug! We will bring this to the attention of our manufacturer and will look into adding it in on the completed model. Thank you for taking the time to review this model so closely, it is always great to have extra eyes on it to ensure details aren’t missed!

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