Recently, the first samples of the Cat® 6030 Hydraulic Shovel in both Backhoe and Front Shovel configurations were delivered to our warehouse. Upon close inspection of the model, we are thrilled with their progress and excited to share the results with our collectors. After a thorough review both by CCM and Caterpillar®, these models have been cleared to begin production.

Some of the features and details of note on these models include the highly detailed operator’s cab, including complete instrumentation and controls. The fully articulated boom, stick and bucket, individually linked, free-rolling tracks, and ladders allow for multiple display positions. Accurately replicated fire bottles and safety labels throughout provide an extra level of realism to these models.

Although we are too early in the process to determine pricing, production run or availability at this time, we will keep you up to date with more information as we have it. For more photos of each configuration, please click on the respective links below.

9 thoughts on “Just In: First Cat® 6030 Samples Have Arrived!
  • They look great! given when they were announced back in 2019 they were shown with poweredge trade dress and now they have the new “modern hex” trade dress is there any chance a run of them could be done as originally presented? ie with the poweredge trade dress. Just this will match them up for collectors who already have the 6015B, 6020B & 6090 CCM models with the poweredge style trade dress and would like to have this new model the same

  • I agree with the comment regarding the modern hex. The Power Edge will make them match the previous releases. Also, the hex looks a bit cartoonish, like it belongs on a children’s toy, and detracts from the rest of the model.

  • I pretty sure that the Hex trade dress is the correct graphic for the 6030. If they will change to the previews poweredge dress, would be a big mistake. It’s just my opinion.

    • After reviewing the photos, you’re correct Piero, the Poweredge is actually on the previous gen of the machine, and Cat has the Hex on the current gen.

  • For the love of pete, why can’t you guys make the steps and walkways more accurate with photo etch? You did it with amazing results on the 6015. All the other big players do it and it looks fantastic. Disappointed.

  • One more thing. Whoever designed/approved that new CAT logo should be fired. It looks horrible. I takes just about all the CATERPILLAR cool factor away. Like Stephen said, it looks cartoonish and makes the model look like a Childs toy. Not blaming CCM on this one. This one is all CAT. Ok, I’m done.

  • They look good, but again the chains are not correct compared to the original
    (same as 6090)

  • The logo has been renewed, that doesn’t make it any less important. We are habit animals and here too we have to get used to the new logo.

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