We are pleased to share the first sample pictures of the stunning 1:24 scale D11 with Coal Blade. After a full review of the model by CCM and Caterpillar, a few minor things have been corrected and the model is now in full production. Measuring 18″ long and 13.4″ wide, anticipated delivery of this beast is just around the corner and scheduled for late summer 2024 arrival.

Production quantities have been limited to just 411 models with a retail price of $995. If you have already requested your Coal Blade, or any other upcoming CCM models, please email Gary Peterson for confirmation. We have updated our system and want to make sure we have all your model requests recorded. If you have not placed your request for a D11 Coal Blade model yet we do still have some slots open.

As we look forward to the release of this 1:24 scale D11 we do have some disappointing news regarding the 1:16 scale D11 XE . Unfortunately, there were not enough model requests to move forward with the project. With developing and tooling costs being the same for 100 or 1,000 models we just didn’t have near enough models to divide these costs over. Producing the lower quantity would have required a dramatic price increase which would have lowered demand even further. Thankfully there has been strong interest in the D11 with its monster Coal Blade. We cannot wait to release it, along with some other very big surprises.

10 thoughts on “Just In: Cat® D11 With Coal Blade First Samples Have Arrived!
  • Hi the Cat D11 with Coal Blade 1.24 scale model looks Superb/Excellent, another great model form CCM.

  • Hi Marvin you can see pictures of the D11 with coal blade 1.24 scale in ccm’s blog page.

  • How is it possible that there is no interested people in the 1:16 D11 XE. Many people react on the blog about the 1:16 D11 that they want a model.

    It was also a bit different than with a normal new model with the request for the model, so a lot of people didn’t request a model. It’s disappointed for the people who really want that 1:16 D11 and send a request for it.

  • I had to settle for this but I placed and order for the 1:16 D11XE and was really interested in getting one. Very disappointed indeed as this would have been and amazing piece. Oh well

  • Hi Gary
    Es wäre wirklich sehr sehr schade wenn das Projekt Caterpillar 1:16 D11XE nicht verwirklicht wird.
    Es wäre das Highlight deiner Laufbahn.
    Das Highlight für jeden Sammler.
    100 Jahre Caterpillar ist so Historisch das muss verwirklicht werden.
    Bitte, bitte
    Vielleicht gibt es die Möglichkeit Verpflichtend zu bestellen, vielleicht mit Anzahlung.
    Vielleicht kann Transparent über Preise gesprochen werden in Verbindung mit den Stückzahlen.
    Das Projekt muss verwirklicht werden, das muss in die Geschichte eingehen.
    Vielen lieben Dank Gary im Voraus
    Viele Grüße nach USA aus Deutschland

  • Hi Gary

    Natürlich freue ich mich sehr auf die neue CATD11 1:24 mit dem großen Kohle Schild.
    Die beiden vorigen D11 Varianten stehen schon in der Vitrine.
    Ein sehr schönes Modell, ein macht große Freude!!
    Viele Grüße

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