The first samples of the upcoming Cat® 666 80-ton Wheel-Tractor Scraper and PR660 Rear-Dump models in 1:48 scale die-cast have arrived and after a thorough review, both by us and Caterpillar®, these models have been approved and production is underway!

While we are too early in the process to determine when these models will be available, the retail price for the 666 80-ton Scraper has been set at $359.95 and $339.95 for the PR660 Rear Dump.  Production run for these models has been set at 500 pieces each.

We will provide progress updates as this project develops, but we hope to have these models available in the 2nd Quarter of 2019.  For more information about each model, as well as additional photos, please click on the respective image below.

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