With an operating weight of 110,225 lbs the Cat® D9 Dozer is a sleek versatile machine designed to be used in a variety of applications, such as ripping, production dozing, stockpiling, landfills, scraper pushing, winching, site maintenance, reclamation, and fleet support. Powered by a Tier 4 Final Cat® C18 engine the machine can be equipped with a number of blade options to meet site-specific needs. Features like the new stator clutch torque converter boost efficiency and reduce fuel usage (5% more efficient), automated blade assist (ABA) and ripper control reduce operator fatigue and track slip, and a number of other onboard technology solutions further increase efficiency and performance (up to 3% lower cost per cubic meter).

Nearly half of the large dozers Caterpillar® sells are D9 Dozers – and for good reason. They’re the smart choice for dozens of applications and environments thanks to unmatched reliability, long life and a wide range of application-specific blades. When equipped with a Universal blade the machine has a blade capacity of up to 21.7 cubic yards (17.8 cubic yards with Semi-Universal). Single shank, multi-shank, or winches can also be mounted to the rear depending on application needs.

The CCM 1:24 scale diecast models of this machine are a must have for any collector or Cat® D9 fan. With 2 different configurations produced, only very limited quantities of each still remain. Don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to add one, or both, of these impressive machines to your model collection!

5 thoughts on “Iron Profile: Cat® D9 Dozer
  • I would pick one up right away as well as the new D11 but shipping and duty just kills the Canadian collectors. It’s cheaper to buy models across the ocean than from our neighbors.

  • Nicolas santana Ramirez Reply

    a question for the ccm team,
    Any 1/48 scale model for this year? Many manufacturers among them die-cast masters have announced their new models, or can we collectors in 1/48 scale forget about CCM?

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