Originally introduced in 1982, the Cat®973 Track Loader was designed as an upgrade over the 977L. With multiple configuration options, the 973 was perfectly suited to excel in multiple applications from stripping top soil to heavy-duty demolition and steel foundry work.

The 973 was equipped with a 3306 Turbocharged diesel engine capable of producing 210 HP @ 2200 RPM. With a hydrostatic drive, the operator has ultimate control of their speed up to the top speed of 6.4 MPH in either forward or reverse. Designed with a rear engine, the machine is balanced with a loaded bucket while giving the operator an unobstructed view. The Z-bar loader linkage utilized on this machine provides a high breakout force by multiplying force through its superior geometry.

With the versatility and reliability of this machine, it is no surprise that the Cat 973 Track Loader can still be found on jobsites around the world.

973 All Configurations

Reproduced in three distinct configurations from die-cast in precision 1:48 scale in 2019, all three variations remain available at this time. For more information on each version, or to place an order for one of these models, please click on the respective link below. With only 750 pieces of the 973 Track Loader w/ 3-Shank Ripper and 525 pieces of both the Multi-Purpose Bucket and Demolition versions produced in a limited, one-time production run, don’t miss your opportunity to add one, or all, of these incredible pieces of earthmoving history to your collection because they will not be reproduced in these configurations by CCM again.

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