Caterpillar® began distributing the 583T in the early 90’s.  Better than its predecessors in every way, this behemoth weighs 50 tons with a lifting capacity of 70 tons, allowing it to maneuver increasingly larger piping safely and efficiently.

The 583T is powered by a Cat C15 ACERT™ engine, achieving 310 flywheel horsepower at 1,850 rpm.


The considerable lifting capacity is delivered by a fully hydraulic load line and boom winches, which provide excellent controllability for precise pipe placement while the counterweight and frame were designed to enhance stability.  Boom and hook draw works are driven by independent hydraulic winches and the machine’s oil-disc brakes provide smooth operation and positive retention of boom and hook positions.  Its modular design allows for fast replacement in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

The heavier-duty lifting parts of the 583T include load and boom blocks, a forged hook with latch, and ductile iron sheaves with sealed roller bearings.


This latest and greatest model was a step up in the operator comfort department as well.  The operator station was designed to provide maximum productivity through efficiency, ergonomic design, and overall comfort. Machine control and vital information allow the operator to be constantly updated on the performance data of the equipment.  An enclosed cab was optional to allow operator comfort in a wide variety of climates and came equipped with an increased amount of glass area, including the skylight, so that the operator could maintain a view of the boom and upper block.


Last but not least, the raised sprocket undercarriage that it has in common with Cat dozers isolates the drive train components while shielding them from impact with the ground.  The elevated design also helps the machine balance for optimum performance.

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