While widely recognized as the work horses of the construction industry, until now this collection of contractor’s favorite machines has not been modeled at a level that reflects their popularity.

Our new Contractor’s Collection, which could reach as many as ten models, will be highly-detailed die-cast, limited editions to help ensure collectability.

Our first model in the series will be the Cat 416F2 Backhoe Loader. At 1:24 scale, the loader will have features and details usually found on only our largest models. When completed, the model will measure approximately 12”’ long by 6” wide and 6” tall.

Cat 416F2 Backhoe Loader

The second addition to the Contractor’s Collection will be the Cat 287D Multi Terrain Loader.  Measurements of approximately 6” long by 3” wide and just under 3 ½” tall will allow the display of the model in small spaces, but the loader’s details will surely demand attention.

Cat 287D Multi Terrain Loader

These models will be produced in individually serial numbered limited editions and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Progress photos, dimensional details, pricing and delivery information will be updated on our website and blog.

We’re excited about creating this new category of models and as always, we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions for future models in this series via email, telephone or our Facebook page.

We haven’t finalized the particular machines for the series, but the machine categories pictured below are under consideration to complete the collection.


16 thoughts on “First Announcement: Contractor Collection Series
  • good news, but very sad not to be in scale 1/48.
    hopefully in the near future, see models in scale 1/48 These

  • Even thought it might comprise detail, it would be nice to have some of these models in 1:48 scale, most of the construction model community would agree

  • Awesome news!! 1:24 is a good scale for the collector!! I agree its a pretty big scale, however a lot of detail & features can be added to the models and they can really be at a class of their own, Maybe a lot of collectors will have to empty some space to put these masterpieces in their shelves soon!!! Well done CCM!! I am sure some of those will follow in 1:48 for sure.

  • I think it’s great to see more in 1:24 because it’s perfect for garden railway scale–I think it’s a good market if you just reach out to let them know you’re there.
    Now all we need is a 966C in that lineup!

  • The CAT D-10, D9L, D-8K, 966C, 988, 988B, 969B, 983 loader, Cat 424B backhoe, 245 from the 70’s & 80’s might also be nice to make in 1:24 diecast !! They might be part of a “Legacy Series” along with other historic CAT machines…!!!

  • Hello, well hopefully some of those upcoming 1:24 scale models will come with some attachments. 1:24 scale is great for details like that. That would be a great feature in my opinion unless if you want to make various versions of the same model. It would also be nice to see some more detail inside the engine compartments in terms of putting some more wires. More electrical wiring connections on the model in general would also be great. I believe that would bring the model close to resembling the real machine. Also maybe some die-cast models might have some brass parts for extra detail. I don’t know if that’s possible but if it is, that would be awesome.

  • Jeff,
    THANK YOU for this new model excavator CAT 6015B !!!
    It is waiting for wheel loader CAT 966H and CAT CS56 road roller (1:48).
    Also we very waiting for new models of crawler cranes (1:48).

  • Dad was an operator on one of the smaller early generation of articulated wheel loaders from Caterpillar back in the mid 1960s. He is in his 80s now and neither of us can pin point the model but I remember it didn’t even have a cab (920?) but I used to love watching him drive that thing. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have the opportunity to own a CCM rendering of that awesome machine. 1/48 would be sweet but for a 1/24 I’d be willing to put a dent in the old wallet. Either scale would be a delight to own.

  • CCM: I can’t wait for the Cat 416 F/2 Loader/Backhoe is ready to Prer-Order and Buy, I like the 1/24 scale, I am ready to put my Order In. How about building a Caterpillar D 7-G bulldozer with Rippers and a Cab, I cant figure out why Nobody has made the D 7-Gs and the Cat D 8-K series , they were very Popular Machines. I owned and Operated those machines. And how about a Cat 627-B Wheel Tractor Scraper all in 1/48 scale.

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