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Our friend David Wylie – Engineer, Author and Scottish correspondent for Earthmovers Magazine – recently sent us a copy of his new book, Earthmovers in Scotland: Mining, Quarries, Roads & Forestry, and we were so impressed we just had to share it with our collectors.  Filled with over 400 stunning images of heavy equipment at work, this book provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of the work that goes unrecognized, yet is vital to the economy in Scotland.

As a regular contributor to the monthly Earthmovers Magazine, David Wylie has enjoyed privileged access to the mines, quarries, road projects and forestry sites across Scotland. On his visits he has seen some of the biggest and arguably the best, earthmoving machinery in the world, in action.

Earthmovers in Scotland brings together 32 of David’s reports from these in-depth visits to tell the story of the highly skilled, experienced owners, drivers and managers that work with earthmoving equipment and explains why they select, maintain and operate these machines. These visits were undertaken through a twenty two year period from 1994 to 2016.  The book features some of the largest earthmovers in the UK, such as the Cat® D11R bulldozer, as well as an closer look at Caterpillar® hybrid technology on the 336E LH Hybrid excavator and 972M XE Hybrid wheel loader.

“This is far more than a collection of stunning pictures, future generations will look at this book as a valuable record of Scotland’s industrial heritage.”

– Earthmovers Magazine

“David’s photography is outstanding with high quality action images.  I would say he is one of the top photojournalists in the industry.”

-Keith Haddock

Here are a few more of our favorite images from the book:

Be sure to check out this video for a glimpse at what you will see in David’s new book, Earthmovers in Scotland.

“I picked up Earthmovers in Scotland last week, but I couldn’t keep it under wraps until Xmas. It’s a fantastic piece of work which I couldn’t put down once I started reading it – which is saying something as I’m not what is normally known as a plant geek! A fantastic selection of photographs showing a wide range of plant from a variety of industries – David Wylie should be very proud of his new book”

– Jim Donnelly – Operations Director, Banks Mining

To learn more about Earthmovers in Scotland: Mining, Quarries, Roads & Forestry, or check out more customer reviews from enthusiasts, press and mining industry professionals, and to pick up a copy of David’s new book for yourself, please click here.

13 thoughts on “Earthmovers in Scotland: A New Book from David Wylie
  • I hope you like this CCM post and if you have a copy of my book, I’d love to hear your feedback on it, thanks.

  • Thanks guys for highlighting this undoubtedly great book, very likely to make it on my book shopping list 🙂

    Aah, the 992K… happy to see it as one of your favorites… here’s still hoping it would get favorited enough to appear in 1:48 someday 😉

    • The 992K was shot at Europes biggest super quarry- and you can only reach it by boat, but it’s not an Island full details in my book, hope you like it.

  • This is a must have book for every mining, quarrying, heavy plant, construction and modelling enthusiast. I’ve now read most of the 400 plus pages and it’s full of two page colour photos and informative text. David has included first hand accounts of operator’s experiences and opinions of many machines and the in-cab photos are fantastic. The photo of the Cat 785D being followed by a Terex 33100 at Broken Cross spread across both pages is just brilliant as are the photos of the massive Banks Mining O&K Terex RH200 and Cat 789B’s with noise suppression bonnets. David has done a superb job so get it before it sells out.

  • Thanks for such great feedback Ian , really glad my book has hit the mark with you.
    Kind regards


      • Hi David,

        I have just heard of your new book “Earthmovers in UK & Germany”. I had enjoyed your great book “Earthmovers in Scotland” very much. But as your new title is self-published, I cannot find a source to obtain a copy of your new book. I do not have any contact details to you. I am not a member of Facebook and I am not willing to sign up with Facebook.

        Could you please let me know your contact Details ? I am from Germany. Many thanks.

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