The first shipment of our Contractor’s Collection Series is on the water and should arrive here at our warehouse within a few weeks’ time, assuming no complications in shipping or Customs.  In this shipment are the first two models in the Contractor’s Collection Series, the Cat® 416F2 Backhoe Loader and the 287D Multi-Terrain Loader.  While widely recognized as some of the work horses of the construction industry, until now this collection of contractor’s favorite machines has not been modeled at a level that reflects their popularity.  Releasing the Contractor’s Collection in 1:24 scale has allowed us to achieve the level of detailing and functionality on these models that you have come to expect from Classic Construction Models.

500 pieces each of the 416F2 and 287D have been produced in this limited, one-time production run.  Be sure to place your request for the Contractor’s Collection Series before they are gone.  Remember, priority for future models in this series will be given to previous customers.  Take a look at the gallery below for more photos of these models.

Joining the 416F2 and the 287D in this shipment is the 1:48 scale, die-cast Caterpillar® 776 RD160.  The fully functioning kingpin-style yoke and 3-stage hydraulic cylinders on the dump body allow for a full range of display positions.  Other notable features realized on this model include rock busters on the rear trailer tires, functional suspension, and turnstops to prevent over-rotation of the RD160 dump body.  Detailing down to the non-slip traction pads, multiple maintenance access points, lights, mirrors, ladders, and realistic mud flaps provide the finishing touches of this model, and our new tire material results in a more realistic appearance.

In a one-time production run of 550 pieces, all of the highly sought-after 776 RD160 models have already been spoken for.

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