Introducing the latest model addition to our Contractor’s Collection series in highly-detailed 1:24 scale die-cast, the Cat® 308E2 CR SB Mini Hydraulic Excavator.  Measuring approximately 4.2″ to the top of the cab, 3.8″ wide and 10.4″ long in shipping position, the 308E2 delivers rugged performance in a compact package.  The size of these machines makes them ideal for jobs where maneuverability is key, but presents several challenges when modeling at scale.  Releasing the Contractor’s Collection in 1:24 scale has allowed us to achieve the level of detailing and functionality on these models that you have come to expect from Classic Construction Models.

Equipped with long stick and dozer blade, the versatility realized on the model matches the machine 1:1 and allows for a variety of display positions.  The detailed operator station, accessible through the opening cab door, includes a full complement of instrumentation and controls complete with precise safety and warning labels.  Functional boom, stick, and bucket can all be put through their full range of motion. Other notable features on the model include work lights, mirrors, hand rails, and accurate system hydraulics.  Paint and machine markings have all been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

The Cat 308E2 Mini Hydraulic Excavator will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated here as it becomes available.  Please contact us today to request this model!

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