Our Collector Showcase series is back to introduce some of our most active customers to the rest of our collector community!  This month we had the opportunity to speak with Tommy Strobel from Buffalo, New York about his collection and how he got started, favorite scale and material, and even some advice for new collectors.  Let’s look at Tommy’s collection and see what he had to say!

1) How long have you been a scale model collector?
I have been collecting die-cast models as long as I can remember. Like many collectors, I started out around age 5 collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  When I was 8 I got my own paper route and started to be able to afford more expensive die-cast scale models and haven’t stopped collecting since!

2) Do you have a favorite scale?

My favorite scales are 1:48, 1:50, and 1:87.

3) Do you prefer brass or die-cast scale models? Please explain why?
I prefer die-cast scale models over brass due to price and affordability, but a highly-detailed and rare brass model here and there is always a welcomed touch.

4) How did you first find out about Classic Construction Models?
I first found out about CCM through a friend in the community who also collected Caterpillar® scale models. He mentioned that there was a company that produced high quality Cat® replicas and recommended I look into them.

5) When did you purchase your first CCM model and what was it?
I purchased my first Classic Construction Model, the 1:48 Cat 245 Front Shovel, in July 2014.  As of August 2017, I own 35 CCM models.

6) Are there any CCM models that are missing from your collection that you are still searching for?
I would love to finish out the original 12-piece 1:87 scale collection one day; (I own the Paver, Roller, Cold Planer, Track Loader, and Elevating Scraper) as well as maybe the D9H & 245 Material Handler with Grapple.

7) Have you sold any of your CCM models in the past and later regretted it?
I have sold models here and there over the year for various reasons, however I have never sold any of my CCM models and hopefully I will never be in a position where I will have to do so.

8) What advice would you give a collector considering purchasing their first Classic Construction Model?
The best piece of advice I would give a new collector, and I do this frequently through my YouTube channel, Diecast Emporium, is to put a big emphases on how much of a ‘step up’ in quality and value a CCM model is when compared to other die-cast models from other companies. I would say, take 15 minutes or so and look through the CCM website to see the models have been made, and pick out which one you like the best. Once you purchase your first, you’ll likely make your second and third and so forth rather quickly.

9) What piece of machinery would you like to see CCM model in the future?
Over the years, there have been many companies that have/had held an official Caterpillar license to produce Cat scale models. Because of this, most all of the machine categories (Excavators, Loaders, Haul Trucks, Dozers, etc) that Cat produces in real-life have been replicated in a scale model. However, to my knowledge, there are a couple notable absences that surprisingly have not. One of these is a tracked feller buncher. I would love to see CCM produce either a current model such as the 522B or even a model of the past, such as a Cat 227 Tracked Feller. Secondly, A Caterpillar Road Reclaimer has never been made in the preferred 1:50/1:48 scales, so a CCM Caterpillar RM500B or RM300 would be equally as exciting and sought after.

10) Is there any way that other CCM collectors can view your collection or connect with you? (Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.?)
I briefly mentioned before that I run the Diecast Review Channel “Diecast Emporium” on YouTube, so fellow collectors and hobby enthusiasts can connect with me on there, or on the Diecast Emporium Facebook and Instagram pages.

Many thanks to Tommy Strobel for continuing our Collector Showcase series. Can’t wait to have your collection featured in an upcoming Collector Showcase?  Send us your answers to these questions via Facebook message!

We look forward to introducing you to more amazing CCM scale model enthusiasts soon!

One thought on “Collector Showcase: Tommy Strobel
  • I operate a hitachi 870 excavator here in Alaska and am interested in a 1:50 scale model like you display on YouTube . Where can I get one and how much ?

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