Our Collector Showcase series is back to introduce some of our most active customers to the rest of our collector community!  This month we had the opportunity to speak with Steven Huang from Taiwan about his collection and how he got started, favorite scale and material, and even a few suggestions for new CCM models.  Let’s take a look at Steven’s collection!

1) How long have you been a scale model collector?

I have been collecting scale models for nearly 15 years.

2) Do you have a favorite scale?

I don’t have a favorite scale, I collect various scales from 1:20 to 1:87 scale.  If the model is beautiful and highly detailed I will try to get one.

3) Do you prefer brass or die-cast scale models? Please explain why?

I like both brass and die-cast models.  Some of the die-cast models are very nice and detailed, but you will see the difference in detailing everywhere on the brass models.

4) How did you first find out about Classic Construction Models?

I like dozers very much.  I searched for scale model dozers on the internet and found out about CCM and all the dozers they have produced.

5) When did you purchase your first CCM model and what was it?

I bought my first CCM model from a collector in America in 2010.  It is the yellow D11R in 1:87 scale.

6) Are there any CCM models that are missing from your collection that you are still searching for?

I am still searching for the Cat 320C L.

7) Have you sold any of your CCM models in the past and later regretted it?

No, I haven’t sold any of my CCM models.

8) What advice would you give a collector considering purchasing their first Classic Construction Model?

The CCM die-cast models are very good in details, but the brass models are great!  They are highly detailed, quality painting, and with nice materials.

9) What piece of machinery would you like to see CCM model in the future?

A roller.  I have been unable to find a brass roller in 1:48-1:50 scale, although rollers don’t seem to be as popular as some of the other machines.

I like the classic 3-drum rollers, trucks, dozers, excavators and cranes.  I also hope that CCM will produce more excavators in the future.

10)Is there any way that other CCM collectors can view your collection or connect with you? (Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.?)

I have a Flickr account with some of my collection on it.


Many thanks to Steven Huang for continuing our Collector Showcase series. If you would like your collection to be featured in an upcoming Collector Showcase, please send us your answers to these questions via Facebook message!

We look forward to introducing you to more amazing CCM scale model enthusiasts in the near future!

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