After a bit of a hiatus, the Collector Showcase series is back to introduce our collectors to the rest of the CCM scale model community. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Simon Dack from the UK about why he started collecting models, his favorite scale, and what models he would like to add to his already impressive collection. Without further delay, let’s take a look at Simon’s collection!

1) How long have you been a scale model collector?
I have been collecting construction scale models since 2014.

2) Do you have a favorite scale?
My preferred scale is 1:24, although I have two stripping shovels in 1:87 which I love too!

3) Do you prefer brass or die-cast scale models? Please explain why?
I prefer brass for the detail personally, however your 1:24 scale die-cast models are also highly detailed.

4) How did you first find out about Classic Construction Models?
I found out about CCM models because of a fascination I’d held for several years about the Marion 6360 ‘Captain’ shovel.

5) When did you purchase your first CCM model and what was it?
I purchased the Marion 6360 in late 2014.

6) Are there any CCM models that are missing from your collection that you are still searching for?
I would like to add the Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W ‘Big Muskie’ to my collection.

7) Have you sold any of your CCM models in the past and later regretted it?
No, I have never sold any of my CCM models.

8) What advice would you give a collector considering purchasing their first Classic Construction Model?
I would advise anyone considering purchasing a CCM model to go ahead you will not be disappointed and they are fantastic models to display!

9) What piece of machinery would you like to see CCM model in the future?
I would like to see CCM produce a tracked shovel in 1:24 brass.

10) Is there any way that other CCM collectors can view your collection or connect with you? (Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.?)
I am a member of Classic Construction Models (CCM) Collectors on Facebook.

Many thanks to Simon Dack for continuing our Collector Showcase series. We look forward to introducing you to more amazing CCM scale model enthusiasts soon!

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