Our Collector Showcase series is back to introduce some of our most active customers to the rest of our collector community!  This month we had the opportunity to speak with Michael Johnston about his collection and how he got started, favorite scale and material, and even some advice for new collectors.  Let’s look at Michael’s collection and see what he had to say!

1) How long have you been a scale model collector?
I have been collecting Dale Earnhardt Sr. memorabilia since the 80’s, but I got into collecting construction scale models around 2011.

2) Do you have a favorite scale?
My favorite scale is either 1:48 or 1:50 scale.

3) Do you prefer brass or die-cast scale models? Please explain why?
I prefer brass models because they are more detailed, but due to expense my collection contains more die-cast models than brass.

4) How did you first find out about Classic Construction Models?
I was visiting a friend in 2012 and he showed me his 1:48 scale Cat® 320C L from CCM. I was hooked – the level of detail was incredible and I have been collecting CCM ever since.

5) When did you purchase your first CCM model and what was it?
To be honest I can’t remember which CCM model came first. I knew after seeing the first one that I wanted to start collecting them – my collection grew quickly after that.

6) Are there any CCM models that are missing from your collection that you are still searching for?
I am looking for a Manitowoc M250, a Cat 637G, and a Cat 6015B.

7) Have you sold any of your CCM models in the past and later regretted it?
I haven’t sold any of my CCM models, but there are several models that I regret not buying when they were released.

8) What advice would you give a collector considering purchasing their first Classic Construction Model?
My advice to anyone considering collecting CCM models would be that they are very detailed and worth the money. I plan to collect anything that CCM releases.

9) What piece of machinery would you like to see CCM model in the future?
I am looking forward to both the 633D and 1:24 scale D11 – but if I had to choose one that they aren’t working on yet, I would love to see a 631 MEGA Water Tanker in 1:24 scale. But I still need to find room for my most recent models…

Many thanks to Michael Johnston for continuing our Collector Showcase series. Can’t wait to have your collection featured in an upcoming Collector Showcase?  Send us your answers to these questions via Facebook message!

We look forward to introducing you to more amazing CCM scale model enthusiasts soon!

3 thoughts on “Collector Showcase: Michael Johnston
  • Nice collection! Thanks for sharing the collection with the rest of us enthusiasts! Please write more articles on other collections.
    Any idea when the 1:24 scale diecast CAT D11 will be released?

  • Hallo ich bin auf der suche nach einen CAT 6015b haben sie noch einen im Verkauf. ???? Bitte um Antwort.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen



    ça sera bien de CCM produire encore une edition de shovels cat 6090 1:48.

    ces models sont devenu rares e très chères.

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