The CCM Collector Showcase series is back to introduce some of our most active customers to the rest of our collector community!  This month we had the opportunity to speak with Gavin Handley about his collection and how he got started, favorite scale and material, and even some advice for new collectors.  Let’s look at Gavin’s collection and see what he had to say!

1. How long have you been a scale model collector? 40 + years.

2. Do you have a favorite scale? 1:48/1:50 there’s more variety in this size and the detail/value ratio is right there in most cases.

3. Do you prefer brass or die-cast scale models? Please explain why? I don’t own any brass models currently so that should explain it a little bit but it’s probably the scale they’re typically in that see’s them miss out being added to my collection 1/87 is quite pricey for the size and 1/24 just take up a lot of space!

4. How did you first find out about Classic Construction Models? Late 1990’s I guess via the WWW & DHS forums.

5. When did you purchase your first CCM model and what was it? My first CCM model was the 1/87 797 way back in 2001.

6. Are there any CCM models that are missing from your collection that you are still searching for? I recently fixed that issue through fellow collector Graham May with the purchase of a 637E from him.

7. Have you sold any of your CCM models in the past and later regretted it? Not really, I sold all my 1/87 brass Cat models a number of years ago but no regrets as the funds went to expanding the 1/48 collection further.

8. What advice would you give a collector considering purchasing their first Classic Construction Model? If you like what you see in a photo of the desired CCM model you will love it when you have it in your hands, I have found for many models they are so much better in real life than what you see in pictures.

9. What piece of machinery would you like to see CCM model in the future? I’m a big fan of the Block C era of Cat machines (1967-1989) and there are still quite a few worthy of modelling from that era and I would like to see CCM continue with them, top of the list would be the 16G motor grader, the 825C soil compactor (which would allow for the 980C too), the 977L track loader and I think a large off highway truck would be neat too, the 785 would be my choice there and of course there are quite a few scraper models left yet too that could be done, the 666B, 660B and the 631C would all be great models and completion of the D series 630 family scrapers (631 & 637) to add to the excellent 633D & 639D already done.

10. Is there any way that other CCM collectors can view your collection or connect with you? (Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.?) I don’t do much with those platforms but keep active with a number of FB pages and with friends all over the world I have met through the years etc.

Many thanks to Gavin Handley for being a valued customer and sharing some of his CCM’s allowing us continue our Collector Showcase series.

We look forward to introducing you to more amazing CCM scale model enthusiasts in the near future!

6 thoughts on “Collector Showcase: Gavin Handley
  • William Oldani Reply

    Do you still Make the Large Scale Mining Excavators like “Big Muskie” and the “Captain”?

    I helped design the 5872WX Cross Pit Bucket Wheel Excavator Made Specifically to Operate with the Captain. I’m now Creating a Complete 3D Digital Model of it in AUTOCAD. Would you be interested in doing it?

  • Excellent post. I enjoyed the read and as a collector of 1/50 scale models I haven’t yet purchased any CCM products yet!! I love to see others enjoying the hobby as much as myself. Also this collection is top notch to have all the models available!! Definitely need to see more collectors involved in showing off there collections

  • I too would like to see a977L loader ran alot of 977 and 955 track loaders when Iwas younger

  • David A. Ludgin Reply

    How about a Holland loader, vertical cut, powered by 2 Cat D9 tractors, dumping into a Cat 660 with an Athey 100-ton bottom dump.

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