Our 1:48 scale Cat 6090 FS mining shovel, introduced in 2018, was an instant hit among collectors.  Although this mammoth machine is no longer in production, we have been authorized by Caterpillar to produce a mine white version of it.    

This model will be, like the machine it replicates, in a distinct class of its own.  Crafted from die-cast  precision parts in 1:48 scale, this model of the 6090 FS will stand just over 8″ tall at the top of the cab, and measure 8″ wide by 18″ long with the boom and bucket in the resting position.  As was true on our original model, details will include a cab door which opens to reveal the detailed operator’s station with complete instrumentation, radiators visible through the side and rear of the machine, multiple maintenance access points, and fully positional access stairways.

Individually linked, free-rolling track pads wrapped around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys will highlight the undercarriage, while the boom, stick and bottom-dump bucket will all move through their full range of motion to allow for a wide range of display positions.  Paint and machine markings on this model will, of course, be approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

As is our standard, this mining white version of our Cat 6090 FS Hydraulic Front Shovel will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Production numbers have not been set but they will be limited so if you are interested in acquiring one of these models, please let us know.

For more information and to request this model, please visit our website:


As they become available, progress photographs, pricing and delivery information will be updated here.

11 thoughts on “Caterpillar approves production of our Cat® 6090 FS Hydraulic Front Shovel in mining white
  • Unbelievable, another good news.
    But if I take one, the price should not be much higher than the yellow 6090.

  • Thomas Wittenborg Reply

    Just a propose, please turn the grease container by 180 °, so that the Control Unit is Faced in Front direction. This is how it is installed on the original machine.

  • Very fortunate for those of us who never managed to grab the first release of 6090’s. I really like the white better anyway.

  • Great to see a mine white version. I hope you guys at “CCM” have managed to put on the correct authentic tracks? And maybe do a track set so that those of us that got the yellow 6090 can be retrofitted. Also would be great if you’ve fitted a hydraulic piston to ladder or stiffen it up to keep it for drooping as on my 6090 yellow

  • There will be all new track pads for the white version, along with new final drives with the correct bolt pattern on the end. These two new upgrades turned out really nice on the pre-production sample! Also, extra track sets will be available for purchase for those that want them for their yellow version. Easy change out.

    • That is great news spare track sets to retro fit the yellow 6090 will be much appreciated especially if they cost less than the YCC versions. Also have you been able to stiffen up the folding access ladder so it doesn’t droop?

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