While work progresses on our upcoming Cat® 6040 Mining Shovels in 1:48 scale die-cast we thought it would be neat to share some information and media on the 1:1 Cat® Hydraulic Mining Shovels.

Pass matching and choosing the right Cat® Hydraulic Shovel to compliment a truck fleet has a major impact on an operation’s productivity. This chart gives a good example of passes required to optimize truck loading and lower cost per ton.

The current lineup of Cat® Next Generation Hydraulic Shovels feature Hydraulic Optimization which dynamically assign individual pumps, or groups of pumps, to deliver the exact flow and pressure that each hydraulic function requires. Other conventional hydraulic systems operate all pumps at maximum flow and pressure regardless of the demand from individual circuits. This new system also makes the Next Generation Shovels up to 15% more fuel efficient, reduces excess heat, conserves energy, and prolongs component life.

Another big feature on the Cat® Hydraulic Shovels is their Independent Oil Cooling system. This system is independent of return oil, achieving efficiency through the utilization of dedicated pumps that provide cooling capacity as needed, whether the engine is idling or under load. The machine maintains optimum oil temperature at all times, not just while working like other competitive hydraulic shovels.

Designed by operators for operators, the Cat® Hydraulic Shovels cab has everything operators need to keep operators safe, comfortable, and in control. Designed for comfort, this cab is the most comfortable and quiet in the industry. Operators enjoy a spacious environment with patented 3-seat design, new air conditioning system, heated and cooled comfort seat, and superior insulation that reduces noise and temperature. Another big improvement is the new operator interface with high-definition color touchscreens, and greater controllability with ergonomic joystick controls and five circuit hydraulics that allow for two-cylinder motions, two travel motions, and swing to be controlled simultaneously.

You can read even more about the current Cat® Hydraulic Shovels by clicking this link. Here at Classic Construction Models we are anxious to soon fill the gap in our 1:48 die-cast Cat® Hydraulic Shovel lineup with the upcoming 6040 Hydraulic Shovels. The 6015B’s, 6020B’s, 6060’s, and 6090’s were quick sell outs and we only have a couple of the 6030 models still remaining so be sure to place your orders and model requests today before it’s too late!

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  • Hi CCM you need to produce the latest version of the 6015 in the new Hex livery to fill the new Cat model gap. especially for those of us that weren’t around for the original 6015B which was nearly 7 years ago

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