We are pleased to inform our collectors that shipments of the 1:24 Cat® D11 have resumed, and we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone as to what we determined during our investigation.

Once the damages had been identified as more than a few isolated cases, we decided to change how the models were secured inside their packaging. Over 200 models were opened by CCM for repackaging, and it is important to note that not one of the zip ties had been cut, broken, or otherwise not functioning as designed.

In order to determine how the damage was being caused to the models during transport, we drop tested 3 models from waist height and analyzed the results. Here is a quick summary of what we found. Dropping the models in the gift box only, without the shipping box with Styrofoam corners, from waist height broke all of the nylon ties except for the tie securing the blade. This tie is reinforced with a block of Styrofoam which is held in place by the lid. Similar results were seen on the second test, which utilized air pads in between the shipping and collector box.

The results from our drop test indicate that these models were improperly handled during transit by our shipping provider, UPS. Despite paying a premium for specialized handling of these packages, we fear that the initial requirement of a palletized shipment during the Christmas season may have caused the drivers to use less care when handling these models.

Suspecting that inferior ties were used, we sourced local 120 lb. tensile strength ties, which suffered the same damage as those that were originally used to secure the model. CCM designed this package to prevent contact between the packaging and details on the extremities of the model, but was entirely dependent upon the zip ties holding it in place.

Once the zip ties have broken, the tractor is able to pivot away from the blade which is still secured in the packaging. If the model is then placed on it’s top or side, this allows the blade arm rods to separate from their housing. Once this has happened, the tractor is loose inside the box which causes further damage, such as bent or broken handrails and damage to hydraulic lines.

It is important to note that during the production phase, sample models were shipped individually from China with no damage before being inspected and shipped to Caterpillar Licensing, again with no damage to the models during transit.

The solution that we identified included securing the remaining models inside their packaging using high-strength paracord. This has allowed enough flexibility to prevent the zip ties from breaking, but strong enough to ensure the model remains in place during transit.

14 thoughts on “Cat® D11 Shipping Update
  • Well done guys to your commitment in working out how the problem arose & then solving it shows your dediction to delivering a good product.

  • Mine was shipped directy to me from CCM and arrived in perfect condition. The UPS folks who handled my shipment must have been more mellow than others in different parts of the country and the world.

  • Micheal McErlain Reply

    Fantastic work Guys…I’ve emailed you separately about my requirements.
    Keep up the great work.
    Kind regards from the

  • Good message,
    Learn from the now and go for the future.
    This shouldn’t happen again.

    My D11T Dozer is excellent.

  • Goede boodschap, mijn D11T kwam op tijd toe. Kunnen we echt niet meer aan de cat 6015B geraken ? want ik vind het echt een spijtige zaak dat ik die niet heb in mijn verzameling.

  • Nice job guys. The models are so heavy, that if dropped, it would be easy for the zip ties to snap. I was a bit surprised to hear that folks thought they were cut intentionally. You guys did a nice job designing the box and overall design of the packaging. All 3 of mine have arrived in mint condition with nothing broken. One had the paracord modification done and seemed to help a lot. They’re beautiful models and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 1/24 scale!!

  • What is CCM’s stance on the models that were damaged? I bought a matched set and the Dozer was damaged on delivery. Will you replace the model or at a minimum supply parts to repair the damage? The following parts were damaged and need replaced: ladder, both exhaust stacks, both cab top strobe lights,

    I noticed that some of the nylon zip ties were brittle when I removed them while unpacking. I have worked in heavy equipment maintenance for over thirty years and have used these ties tens of thousands of times in heavy industrial settings. Never have I found a brittle one and their strength is phenomenal. It takes a high shock load to break a good one.Perhaps some of them were defective at the source.

  • Good day!

    We need to purchase a scale model CAT D11 (1:24), we are located in Kazakhstan

  • Nicolas Ramirez Reply

    Is there something new in 1/48 scale for this year? Or should those of us who collect the 1/48 scale forget ccm? it seems that ccm has left 1/48 scale collectors lying

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