We have just received an update from our manufacturer about the status of the upcoming Cat® 583K Pipelayer, which is nearing completion in the production stage at this point. Assuming there are no restrictions put in place, we are hoping to see these models in late spring and have them shipping out to collectors shortly after their arrival.

The retail price of this model has been set at $279.95 with the production run limited to 500 pieces. If you have placed a request for this model you will receive an email with your invoice when these models arrive.

4 thoughts on “Cat® 583K Pipelayer Update
  • I’d very much love to see a D6C with rops ,sweeps and engine enclosures. With or without a winch. Doesn’t matter about blade type. Angle I guess would be preferable though. Ofcourse I don’t decide what’s built but it’d be nice

  • I agree with D6C. They made over 13,000. I owned one of last one made with a 13,000 s/n. Other 2 I was 10K 9,000 s/n and a 76A 2,000 s/n. One of Cats best machines ever.

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  • What an insightful and informative update on the Cat® 583K Pipelayer! The detailed breakdown of the enhancements and improvements truly showcases the commitment to excellence and innovation that Cat® consistently brings to the industry.

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