Unfortunately, due to a lack of demand for the 1:48 scale Cat® 350L and 350L ME we have made the hard decision to cancel the production of these models.

One of the major factors that we have to decide as the manufacturer of these limited edition scale models is determining the interest in a model and setting the production run accordingly. This helps us amortize the tooling and production cost of the model across the production run and bring down the cost of the model for our collectors.

Without a strong response from our collectors, we would have had to raise the cost of the model to a point where we would have lowered demand further.

We do have some exciting projects that we’re working on and excited to share with you all soon!

15 thoughts on “Cancelled: 1:48 Cat® 350L & 350L ME
  • Wish you guys would of produce the 395 excavator in 1/48 scale instead of diecast masters

  • Sorry to hear that Gary. During these tough times I understand that it is prudent to make good business decisions. You build some of the most exquisite models of our time and I will continue to support CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION MODELS.

  • Alfred N Bentley Reply

    I am not interested in this shovel but I am interested in Bull Dozers used in WWII Seabees. Do you have any?

  • I totally get it I was really looking forward to this model though well I guess I’ll have to invest in another one

  • This e-mail message is the very first that I knew of such models being produced by Classic Construction Models, thus I hope to receive news of any new models that may be produced. Perhaps the company should get more info out to a broader spectrum of potential customers in the future concerning other upcoming models and also what may be presently in stock for purchase – just my opinion.

  • Wise idea. The 350’s were not a common, or popular excavator. Your efforts would be much more useful in other models.

  • Robert p Turcic Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about your cancellation but to be perfectly honest I have very little desire for anything in the 148th scale now if your company would go back to offering 187 scale construction vehicles and equipment you might catch my interest. It’s a shame your company doesn’t cater to people in the smaller scales of the hobby.

  • Disappointing but understandable given lack of interest
    Leaves only a very fine Les Miniatures du Fauborg resin model as a representative of this excavator class

  • Maybe there would be some people interested in a 235 excavator. The only one ever produced was a very basic model made by Winross.

  • I hope you can Keep on the good work.
    I looks like a nice model.
    CAT 395 or 6015B would be a success for sure.
    I believe a lot fo collectors are tired of the lack of quality of DiecastMasters.

  • Thomas Robilotta Reply

    1/25 scale could increase your demand of construction vehicles . A lot of model builders would be interested in these for trailer loads .

  • I am saddened to hear that the CAT 350 is officially cancelled, had heard rumors but hoped it wasn’t true. I was looking forward to getting the ME version. Perhaps the lack of interest in this model was due to the fact of the poor reproduction of the 375 models, which are still available from your website. Reusing the same 385 boom and stick casting on such an iconic model as the 375 has probably stopped a lot of collectors from purchasing the 375’s; that was certainly the case for me. I’ve lost count but probably have 60 or more CCM models in all of their three scales and both brass and diecast models, I went to all three of their “Day In The Dirt” events so I am a big supporter of CCM. I know times are tough and everything is expensive these days but CCM used to be all about precise, museum quality models, especially their brass models but lately there have been corners cut as far as quality and accuracy but the big price tag is still there so discerning collectors are passing on some of the models. If you bring back the precision and accuracy, I myself would still gladly pay higher prices because I believe that you get what you pay for.

  • Ccm is wrong leaving aside collectors in 1/48 scale, the idea of ccm is to manufacture many models in 1/24 scale.

  • Please make another 1/24 large excavator. Those sold out with lots of collector interest. Too much focus on dozers and not enough on excavators or even a wheel loader. Thank you for the great diecast models so far!!

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