We recently completed an SLA (Stereolithography) prototype of our upcoming die-cast 1:48 scale Caterpillar 992C Wheel Loader using our in-house SLA machine.  This will be the first model to go into production as the result of a customer vote and is approximately 60% of the way there.  We hope that you are as excited as we are for this model to arrive and enjoy the pictures that follow.

A stock image of our SLA machine, the Viper SLA
The assembled body of CCM’s Caterpillar 992C.

The parts that make up the body of the 992C – all printed using our in-house SLA machine.

A size comparison between CCM’s Caterpillar 992C, left, and CCM’s Caterpillar 988 Wheel Loader.

One thought on “992C Prototype
  • hello, as a hobby I am busy with model building and am looking for a cat 992c model or prototype so that I can draw it and scale it to 1/12. could you help me with that?

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