Due to the amount of damage that has been caused to several of the Cat® D11 Dozers during shipping from our facility, we have made the decision to suspend any further shipments of these models while we determine a solution that will help to prevent further damage.

We understand that this decision will affect CCM dealers and customers who have already paid their invoices and have yet to receive models. This will also affect many customers who have purchased their models through our network of dealers as many of these shipments are in transit or have already been delivered to the dealers.

We are currently testing several solutions to ship these models safely to prevent the frustration of receiving a damaged model. Pending the results of these tests, we will share our solution and begin shipping out models again once we feel confident that the models will remain secure in their packaging.

25 thoughts on “1:24 Cat® D11 Update
  • Dear people,

    This is terrible what happened. I’ve seen the pictures of some D11, I can tell you, this is to cry, you don’t want this. I hope that this will come to a successful conclusion and that those with a scrap D11 will be helped and that CCM will pay even more attention to this. Fortunately my D11t arrived without damage and that was very well taken care of by a Dutch representative, a very big compliment to this man.

  • Good morning, I booked the CAT D11T at my trusted retailer TOYS PLANET in Federico Minola in Italy, I noticed that many models arrived damaged, according to images published by different collectors, it seems that it was not the couriers who damaged the packages, which from the images are almost all without signs, but the models are damaged during the packaging phase , when the worker physically puts the model inside the box.I don’t think it’s because of the expedition! Another alternative to ship these models safely would be to provide for removable parts, such as railings, handrails, ladders, flashing lights, etc., as other companies in the sector do. I am still sure that my CAT D11T will arrive in good condition. It is a beautiful model that cannot be missing in my collection. Thank you and have a nice day

  • But why, send separate parts. Ccm models are not building packages to put everything together later. No, just sit down and take a good look at everything where it went wrong and this should just not happen again. The models are simply very expensive and very susceptible to damage like the D11T. This is or was very extreme, so much damage there was. And Ccm is still a brand to be at the top when it comes to models.

    • I received my D11 carry dozer with no damage thankfully. All zipties were fully intact, the only issue i had was that the door glass on the right side was missing, and I’m still waiting for a response from CCM as to what corrective action will be taken.

  • Hi Gary, I opened the D11 regular dozer and found several pieces broken off that can be glued. However, the handrail on the ladder is broken off and I could not find it in the box. After more looking I found it in the cab! Also there is a longer piece that looks like handrail and I can’t decide where it came from. Three or four of the nylon ties holding the model down were already cut when I opened the box. It appears this was done pre-shipping because the tissue paper was intact around the box. Why would someone in the factory do this? I have not opened the carrydozer yet. Almost afraid to.

  • As I have always maintained, this is not damage caused by shipping, because if the model is packed properly it should not be damaged. These are damage done during packing, when the worker puts the model in the package, the model is damaged, because not enough caution is used. We hope that CCM will also intervene on those who have to package the models

  • I received the D11 with the standard U blade. When I initially opened the model, the first parts I saw broken were the 2 cab exhaust pipes. Then I saw that the tie wraps were cut. I also saw that both the main hydraulic lift pistons which attach to the front engine housing were not installed into the hydraulic piston cylinders. I also found a part from the ladder hand railing lying in the bottom of the box. No amount of shaking from shipping this model could cause the 2 pistons to drop out of the hydraulic cylinders. This appears to be poor QA during the final packing process. I have not physically removed the model from the box gor a complete inspection until I hear how CCM is going to handle this problem. I’ve been a dedicated CCM customer since 1990. They are the premier museum quality model maker as far as I’m concerned and this is the 1st time I’ve ever had a problem with a model from them. And I’ve purchase a lot of CCM models over the years. Sorry Gary for this problem you’re having to deal with.

  • Are these models going to be shipped back to China or are y’all going to correct them and these problems in house

  • I have ordered and paid for this model. I have not received it as of yet. So if there is a chance it may be damaged by all means, fix the problem with the shipping. Would rather receive a perfect model than deal with the headache of a damaged model.

  • I too would need a new, undamaged model to correct this problem. I do not want a repaired model along with all the time it would take to ship the model back, get it repaired, and then to ship it back. Did these models go through a final QA visual inspection at the Beaverton OR facility prior to shipping out?

  • I would need a new, undamaged model shipped to me to correct this problem. Did these models undergo a visual QA inspection at the Beaverton OR facility prior to shipping out?

  • Hello CCM – Team

    I appreciate your decision to suspend shipments temporarily and I am
    thankful for your transparency in this matter.

    I hope that as of now there’s some you can verify and ensure that
    none of the models are being shipped in a damaged condition as they
    leave your warehouse. I trust there are measures in place to ensure
    best possible protection of model and the box during transit.

    I appreciate your effort in working on a resolution.

    Kind Regards


  • My model arrived in perfect condition as far as I can tell? It is an awesome model. If their is anything I should look for in particular, please let me know. I trust CCM will put the same detail into resolving this issue, as they do with there models.

  • To CCM, this is a hard email to write to you guys. I’ve contacted the creditor I used to purchase this model and have ask for the money that was credited to CCM to be recinded and re-credited back to my credit account. I will send the model back to CCM completely repacked and strapped to the pallet as soon as CCM drops this wall of silence and contacts me to make arrangements to send a prepaid UPS shipping label to me to ship the model back to your Beaverton OR facility. I have sent since the 1st of the year at least 8 private emails and have called CCM at least 6-7 times leaving messages to please get back to me to let me know how CCM plans to take care of this broken model. All of my contact to you guys has been polite and tonthe point. Apparently, CCM does not want to address this problem in any timely manor. I’m sorry that this issue has come to this point but I’m left with no alternatives due to CCM’s continued silence. My patience is at an end.

  • What is blatantly obvious is this damage has not been caused during shipment, it was clearly done during packing, malicious or just pure carelessness, who knows?.
    However some of the parts in my model, have not even been attached properly. some areas of the model are of a very poor build quality. It would not surprise me to learn this model was assembled at a different plant, than some of the other CCM models, I have purchased.
    I imagine CCM are between a rock and a hard place. Disappointed customers, and a maker who has got their money. Litigation is not always recognised around the world

  • Got my D11 today . The guards on the tilt cylinders were broken but I can glue the back
    on. It’s a fantastic model & I can handle that. I wanna thank my dealer for helping me get
    the D11. CCM did open my box up & did check it. Tks

  • I received 4 D11’S Friday. 2 of each version and I am happy to say that all 4 were mint when I opened them up for inspection. Seems they were all opened up and tied down with a small rope that was screwed down to the MDF base inside the box. Engine doors and cab doors were taped shut to prevent damage. This seems to have worked seeing as they arrived in 1 piece. I’m a long way from Oregon. I’m in Massachusetts. We all know these carriers are not careful so kudos to Gary and his crew for coming up with what seems to be a solution for all the shipping damage. I truly believe there was intent from the manufacturer to cause damage to this models. The zip ties used would have never broken apart in shipping. They were intentionally cut. That being said, I’m happy to have 4 perfect models. They are massive and extremely detailed. Will display nicely next to my brass D11. In closing, CCM should look into another supplier that will take as much time developing the box and packaging materials as they do the actual models.

  • Good day,

    We need to purchase a scale model CAT D11 (1:24), the photo is attached

    Kindly ask you to send a Quote with EXW Incoterms

    Thank you!

  • Thankfully my D11 “U” blade purchased second half of 2021 here in the UK was recieved undamaged. Certainly the best I have ever seen! First Gear HD-41 1/25 is a sight too!

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