1:87 Manitowoc 4600 Dragline – Brass


Closed Edition


  • Detailed operators cab
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Functional dragline
  • Accurate Manitowoc paint and markings


Just as the real machine did in its day in on the job, CCM’s Manitowoc 4600 model is forging new ground for construction model enthusiasts. For the record, this is the first all brass, 1:87 precision scale drag-line model ever created. At just under two feet in overall length, this model is an impressive monument that does honors to the real machine.

Details on our model include 140′ of scale No. 27 boom, a fully detailed operators cab, grated decking and individually linked free rolling tracks with tensioners. Options that were on the 4600 that we used to guide construction of the model include a cab mounted air conditioner and an external generator opposite the operators cab. This Manitowoc 4600 is painted in the classic Manitowoc Red and includes all appropriate factory markings.

Since their introduction in the mid-50’s, Manitowoc’s Model 4600 draglines have worked in the worst of “mud and much” conditions and in doing so, built a reputation as absolute work horses in the eyes of their owners and operators.

Step-less variable power for major functions as well as full range power lowering was provided by Manitowoc’s innovate, “VICON” (Variable Independent CONtrol) technology. If the 12 cylinder, 685 horsepower, Cummins C700 diesel provided as standard power was deemed inadequate, additional secondary engines of up to 630 horsepower were available.

Not only did the 910 gallon fuel tank allow a 4600 to run up to 12 hours without a refill – it was also the cooling system for the torque converters. Standard 60″ wide track pads gave the crane enough flotation to make sure it could stay on top of the mire – and on top of production. Even a machine equipped with the basic package of 100 ft of No. 27 reverse angle boom and an 11 yard Esco bucket made it possible for operators to get maximum production out of this 400,000 lb package of cold steel and hot power.

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Limited to 346 pieces

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