1:87 Cat® 349F L Hydraulic Excavator – Brass


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  • 1:87 Scale
  • Brass
  • Production Run: 250
  • Production Year: 2017

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  7″
  • Width:  1.75″
  • Height:  1.5″

Produced in a limited, one-time production run, our Cat® 349F L model is as impressive in brass at 1:87 scale as the real machine is at full size.  With even the smallest of details replicated, this model approaches being a miniature mirrored reflection of the machine that inspired its creation.

At 7” long with the boom and stick fully extended and approximately 1 3/4” wide across the tracks it is not surprising the cab is just 1 1/2” high.  What is surprising is that at this small size the interior of the cab is unequaled with control levers and foot pedals inside and safety handrails on the exterior.  Finishing details that have to be seen to be appreciated include a true-to-scale, comprehensive instrumentation panel as well as lights, mirrors and a lower windshield wiper.

With movable cylinders and linkage, the boom, stick and bucket are able to match the motions of the real machine one-for-one.  This exceptional level of accuracy extends across the components in the hydraulic system to include tubes and hoses as well as the swing motor and swivel at the base of the boom. Even the bucket has been reduced in size at such an extraordinary level of detail that each tooth and the wing shrouds can be seen.

The track frames are equipped with rotating drive sprockets that turn the individually cast and linked track pads.  The accuracy of these parts creates the smoothest rolling tracks that we have ever produced in 1:87 scale.  Also included are idlers with working tensioners and minute, multiple ground-level maintenance access points.

Helping put this model into the “above and beyond” category for collectors are accurate paint and markings which have been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

Each of these brass masterpieces is individually serial numbered and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Weighing in at 49 tons, the Cat 349F L is a large hydraulic excavator that was designed to keep production numbers up and owning and operating costs down. Equipped with a C13 engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, it has the capacity to move large volumes of material while keeping fuel costs and service requirements down.  The hydraulic system has been optimized to put more power to the ground by reducing pressure drops and line losses.  The cab provides the operator with a quiet working environment that adds to productivity while ground-level service points make routine maintenance easy for service techs.

A wide range of Cat work tools are available for the 349F L that can be used in conjunction with the Cat® Connect Technology on the machine.  This system is designed to increase production while minimizing operating costs through LINK, and DETECT technologies.  For example, Cat Grade Control and AccuGrade™ provide the operator with real-time cut and fill information to assist in accurately grading slopes in less time while VisionLink® provides wireless monitoring for functions such as operating hours, fuel usage and machine productivity to help ensure the machine is as effective as possible on a job site.

When there is an earth moving job that requires an effective combination of high production and controlled costs, the 349F is undeniably “Built For It.”

Additional information


Hydraulic Excavator


Cat® C13 ACERT™

Net Flywheel Power

396 HP


24' 3"


12' 10"

Bucket (Capacity)

4.1 Cubic Yards

Total Operating Weight

117,500 lbs.

Top Speed

2.9 MPH

Maximum Digging Depth

26' 11"

Maximum Digging Reach

39' 10"

Maximum Cutting Height

35' 2"

Maximum Dump Height

24' 4"