1:87 Cat® 657G Wheel Tractor Scraper – Brass


Closed Edition

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  • Fully detailed engines
  • Precise rails, lights and safety rails
  • Working bowl, apron, and ejector
  • Functional steering hitch
  • Realistic free-rolling rubber tires
  • Accurate paint and markings

Our brass model of the 657G was produced in three highly-detailed variations: the standard scraper with push/pull, a mining white coal bowl, and yellow coal bowl. All brass and hand-crafted, this model has been created directly from thorough reference of the original machine. The museum-quality details are obvious in every aspect; such as working bowl, apron, and ejector; detailed operators station; and realistic free-rolling rubber tires. Paint and markings approved by Caterpillar complete the re-creation of this unique machine.

This is a legendary construction machine. Its manufacturer has created an impression on the industry that will last for decades to come.

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Production Run

Limited to 200 pieces

Precision Scale



8.25" long, 2" wide, 2.25" tall



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