Sunshine Super Bar


Closed Edition


  • Ultra accurate to original bar
  • Adjustable pick points
  • Functional loadblocks
  • Complete rigging
  • Includes resin wall panel
  • Accurate Sunshine paint and markings

By using the engineering and construction drawings from Sunshine Corporation, we were able to create an exact scale model of the real bar. The pick points on the bar are adjustable to allow them to be set for different loads. Even the markings have been duplicated for complete authenticity. The spreader bar measures approximately 6” X 1 ½” and comes complete with rigging, functional loadblocks and a tilt wall panel that includes a door cut out. If you’re looking for a realistic load for any of your CCM crane models, this accessory set will be a perfect fit.

Although it’s a critical component for lifting, until just recently, spreader bars were pretty much thought of as a commodity product. Then came the Sunshine Spreader Bar with its innovative design and ease of use, a new class of product was created. With capacities as high as 125 tons, it’s perfect for major lifts and large tilt up projects.

Additional information

Production Run

Limited to 100 pieces

Precision Scale



6" long, 1.5" tall


Brass and Resin

Production Year