Northwest 190D Dragline


Closed Edition


  • Opening door to detailed operators cab
  • Free rolling, individually segmented tracks
  • Three working drums with accurate rigging
  • Functional hoist and dragline bucket
  • Accurate Northwest paint and markings


Our Northwest 190D brass model was constructed in precise 1:48 scale featuring numerous life-like components such as free rolling, individually segmented tracks, , 360 degree rotation, three working drums, operator’s cab with controls and seat, functioning cab door, catwalks, and handrails.   Other noteworthy details featured are an accurately rigged ; gantry, 120 feet of boom (30” in scale) with optional boom stops,  4 foot boom tip sheave (1” in scale), working roller fairlead and at the working end of the line, a Hendrix 5-yard bucket.  The model was painted and marked in authentic Northwest colors and graphics.

Each model was individually serial numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

In 2010, 13 models vintage NW orange and black color scheme were released.

The tremendously successful work record of the Northwest 190-D is a direct result of the effort that was put into designing and building it.  From the time it was conceived the goal was to create a high volume, duty-cycle machine that was long on dependability regardless of its working conditions.  Its record of moving massive amounts of material while handling the endless pounding it took while working is lasting proof of Northwest hitting their targets squarely.  There is no question this machine set a standard by which all others of its type are measured.


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Production Run

Limited to 250 pieces

Precision Scale




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