1:48 Michigan T-24 Toy Truck Crane – Brass


Closed Edition


  • Accurate to original Ny-lint toys
  • Free-rolling rubber tires
  • Working winches and clamshell bucket
  • High quality brass construction
  • Accurate Ny-lint paint & Michigan markings

Inspired by the pressed steel, carrier mounted, Michigan T-24 toy that was the favorite of thousands of young operators in the ’50s, our hand crafted brass model is an exact replica of the original 10 wheel version at 1:48 proportions. Features include a 7 1/2″ long, boxed lattice boom, functioning clamshell bucket, working outriggers and steerable front axle. Details such as rubber tires and the correct style of hub caps make it virtually impossible to distinguish the toy from our model – except for the size. In CCM fashion, even the hand cranked boom and load line hoists work exactly like they did on the full size toy. Using an MIB toy as a guide ensured the crane colors; markings and box design were authentic. This crane will be a show piece in any collection of construction models as well as make a perfect addition to any “O” gauge railroad layout or display.

Additional information

Production Run

Limited to 200 pieces

Precision Scale



8" long, 2" wide, 7" tall



Production Year