1:16 Michigan T-24 Conversion Kit – Brass


Closed Edition


  • Accurate to original Ny-lint toys
  • Free-rolling rubber tires
  • Working winches and rigging
  • High quality brass construction
  • Accurate Ny-lint paint & Michigan markings

Without question, the Michigan T-24 truck crane produced by Ny-Lint during the 1950’s is one of the greatest construction toys ever created. Perfect for excavating either a sandbox or a cereal bowl, this toy was made for hard play. Equipped with two functional hand cranked hoists, a working clamshell bucket, outriggers, articulated steering and rubber tires, it is not surprising a number of crane operators received their early hands-on training in the “seat” of a Ny-Lint Michigan crane.

Inspired by the design of this venerable toy, our line of conversion kits offer collectors the opportunity to realize the full potential of their Michigan truck crane with working configurations that were offered on the real machines. Using original Michigan factory drawings and literature with a Ny-lint T-24 truck crane toy as our reference point, each conversion kit was designed to look and function as though it could have rolled off the production line a half century ago with the original toys. From pressed steel tapered jibs to rubber track crawlers and custom hoists, these kits capture the appeal of the original Michigan toy while adding an entirely new element of fun.

Finished with appropriate colors and markings, each kit comes complete with everything needed to convert an original Ny-Lint Michigan T-24 truck crane into a truly unique collectible.

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