1:50 Manitowoc 555 Crawler Crane – Die-cast


Closed Edition


  • Detailed operators cab
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Functional crane
  • Accurate Manitowoc paint and markings


Standing over two feet tall, details on our 555 model include 90 scale feet of number 84 reverse angle boom, suspension straps and a boom tip extension. Three working drums operate a multi-part line load block with swivel hook and safety latch, a whip line with headache ball and hook and a movable mast.

Free rolling metal tracks, a visible diesel engine, safety decking, counterweights and lift cylinders are all accurately reproduced. If you look inside the operator’s cab you will see that even the controls for the crane have been precisely replicated. With an unmistakable “Manitowoc Red” finish and complete factory decals, there is no question this model is a true classic.

Even though it is one of the newest additions to the Manitowoc fleet, the 555 has quickly become a favorite “go to” crane for operators and contractors who face demanding and challenging lift jobs. With a maximum capacity of 150 tons, a six-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, computerized controls, efficient self assembly and the ability to be transported in just eight truck loads, there is no question this machine lives up to the Manitowoc reputation for quality, reliability and value.

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Limited to 5000 pieces

Precision Scale




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