Link-Belt LS-98 Shovel


Closed Edition


  • Operating crowd and  bucket door with latching mechanism
  • Individually linked movable tracks
  • Three working drums
  • 360 degree cab rotation
  • Accurate Link-Belt paint and markings


Our shovel version of the LS98 includes Individually linked and moveable tracks, 360 degree cab rotation, three working drums, sliding cab door, catwalk, and ladder to access top of house – all in brass and all at exact 1:48 scale.    Additional details adding to the realism of the model include an operating crowd and opening bucket door with an authentic latching mechanism.  The model is painted and marked in authentic Link-Belt colors and graphics.

Each model is individually serial numbered and comes with a signed registration certificate to ensure its authenticity as a Classic Construction Model.

Users around the world agree the Link-Belt LS98 is one of the most versatile and durable cranes ever built.  Regardless of how it is rigged, be it lift crane, dragline, clamshell, log loader, scrap handler, pile driver, demolition, hoe, or shovel, the LS-98 excels in all in forms.  A Waukesha gas engine rated at 109 net hp was the standard power plant and optional diesel engines were available from all the major makers upon request.    Production of the LS98 began in 1954 and continued for over 42 years with over 7,000 units being shipped globally making it one of the most successful construction equipment machines ever manufactured.

When rigged with a shovel front,  the quick cycle times and precise  control of the LS98 when equipped with a 19’ boom, 14’ dipper and 1 cubic yard bucket provided efficient management of material handling duties.

Additional information

Production Run

Limited to 140 pieces

Precision Scale




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