Lima 2400B Front Shovel


Closed Edition


  • Detailed operators cab
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Functional front shovel
  • Accurate Lima paint and markings


Our Lima 2400-B scale model is crafted from hundreds of individually investment cast, etched and formed brass parts.  As with other CCM models, the Lima 2400-B displays the pinnacle of the model builder’s art.  Executed in exact 1:48 scale, each one is hand assembled and true to the real machine, the model is painted in authentic red, gray and black.  Features such as functional boom, bucket and crowd hoists, free rolling tracks and a fully detailed operator’s cab combine to make this model a tribute to a legendary earth moving machine.  Accurate Lima decals are hand applied to provide a perfect finishing touch.

Each model is individually serial numbered and come with a signed registration certificate to ensure its authenticity as a Classic Construction Model.

Weighing in at over a half million pounds, the Lima 2400-B shovel is a big machine for big jobs with a 12 ¾ cubic yard bucket that moves huge amounts of material easily and effortlessly.  Massive 55 inch wide crawlers provide generous ground contact while allowing precise maneuvering  in close quarters. The eight-cylinder, turbocharged Cat D-379-B engine produces 547 horsepower and delivers the power needed to make “molehills out of mountains”.  A large, elevated cab and well-guarded catwalks with handrails contribute to operator efficiency and safety. Given its production ability, it’s no wonder this legendary machine is still popular throughout the world.

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Production Run

Limited to 240 pieces

Precision Scale




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