Lima 2400B Dragline


Closed Edition


  • Opening door to detailed operators cab
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Functional hoist and bucket
  • Accurate Lima paint and markings


Precisely hand crafted in brass from hundreds of individually etched, cast and fabricated component pieces, this model replicates both the look and the working actions of the real machine.  Equipped with three operable winch drums, free rolling individually linked tracks, 360 degree swing and accurate rigging, including a Hendrix 8 yard dragline bucket, it can duplicate the full digging cycle of the real machine at 1:48 scale.  Additional features include a detailed operator’s cab with opening door and controls, fully functional fairlead, ladders and catwalks, sheet metal seams with rivets on the cab and exact duplication of the track frames and carbody. The 30” long model boom exactly duplicates the original 120 foot long boom, chord for chord, brace for brace and sheave for sheave.  Each model is individually serial numbered and comes with a signed registration certificate to insure its authenticity as a CCM model.

Designed and built – with most users saying, “Overbuilt” – the primary markets for the LIMA 2400-B’ were in coal and ore mining applications. It was a workhorse on small to medium size surface mine sites where its 547 hp Caterpillar diesel engine allowed it work without a complex and expensive power grid to support it. With a 120 foot boom it was capable of swinging an 8 yard dragline bucket at a 100 foot radius with a total working capacity of 33,500 lbs.

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Limited to 300 pieces

Precision Scale




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