1:24 Holt Caterpillar® 75 Track Type Tractor


Closed Edition

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  • Working steering wheel and control levers
  • Complete engine, cooling system, air filters
  • Individually-linked metal tracks with tensioners
  • Rolled fabric sunscreens
  • Hand-painted in original colors and markings
  • Serial numbered certificate of authenticity

True to the original machine and its legacy, each model is hand-assembled from hundreds of individually cast and etched brass pieces and hand painted. Features individually linked free rolling track shoes with working track tensioners, drive sprockets, track rollers and idlers. The exposed engine reveals the cooling system complete with radiator hoses and fan belt. Within sight of the operator’s seat is the working steering wheel, throttle controls, clutch lever, shifting lever and friction levers. All models are individually serial numbered.

The first commercially successful track-type tractor was designed and built by Benjamin Holt in 1904. Supported by an endless track of wood and steel, Holt called his invention a “Caterpillar” and the name stuck. The Holt 75 was equipped with a 4 cylinder gas engine that produced over 70 hp. That power, combined with its ability to negotiate difficult ground conditions, meant it quickly replaced the horse and ox as the primary sources of motive power. Easily out performing round-wheel tractors, it forever changed the face of farming, logging, construction and even warfare. Don Hunter of California’s fully restored machine served as inspiration and primary reference for our model.

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Production Run

Limited to 150

Precision Scale



9.25" long, 5" wide, 6" tall



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