1:24 Caterpillar® Seventy Tractor Bronze Edition


Closed Edition

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  • Fully detailed operators station
  • Full engine view in open compartment
  • Individually-linked metal tracks
  • Realistic controls
  • Includes individual serial number

The Caterpillar Seventy tribute piece began with the four models in raw brass, transformed though a painstaking artistic process to a bronze finish and the appearance of a fine sculpture. Enhancing the display value of the models is the sloped marble stand with deep etched track marks on a solid cherry base. A historically accurate Caterpillar Seventy identifier has been etched into the front side of the marble.

The Caterpillar Seventy was the largest gasoline tractor built by Caterpillar. Diesel was relatively new to the industry, and there were still some customers who were not sold on the idea of using diesel power on a tractor. It received heavy use in agricultural circles, as well, helping mechanize America’s farms on a larger scale than the Caterpillar Ten did four years earlier. The Seventy was also a favorite of the logging industry as it could safely and efficiently pull equipment and logs over rough terrain.

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Production Run

Limited to 4 pieces

Precision Scale



10.5" long, 3.25" wide, 2.5" tall



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