1:48 Cat® PL87 Sideboom Pipelayer – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Detailed operator’s cab
  • Removable cab for ROPS only display
  • Individually-linked tracks with tensioners
  • Movable counterweight
  • Functional boom, hook, and winches
  • Accurate paint and markings
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Our 1:48 scale, die-cast model of the Caterpillar® PL87 is a true representation of the actual machine. To capture as much detail of the original as possible, it features individually linked tracks with tensioners, movable counterweight, detailed cab interior and accurate markings. Boom and blocks are functional, and the hook can be raised and lowered with the spooling winch drums.

Comes in a collector box with an individually serial-numbered machine brochure reproduction as certificate of authenticity.

Cat Pipelayers have been the standard of the pipeline industry for decades. The PL87 is a greatly improved version of the older 587T. The heavy-duty winch design has updated machine hydraulics, and boom and hook draw works are driven by independent hydraulic winches. The winch profile is reduced to enhance visibility and meet transport requirements. A new counterweight profile increases lift capacity, up to 214,000 lb. The block set profile enhances visibility to the pipe and helps take advantage of the full length of the boom. The heavy-lifting components include hook and boom blocks with sleeve bearings, a forged hook with latch, and ductile iron sheaves. A robust drawbar tows a wide range of attachments for maximum versatility.

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Production Run

Limited to 350 pieces

Precision Scale



4.25" long, 8.5" wide, 7" tall



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