1:24 Cat® D7E Track-Type Tractor with Carco H90 Winch – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Cab tips to access complete drive train
  • Access fully detailed engine from covers
  • Individually-linked metal tracks with tensioners
  • Functioning pistons and detailed hydraulics
  • Working Carco H90 winch
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Everything expected from CCM for detail is readily apparent when you first look at the D7E model. This includes individually linked tracks with tensioners, movable blade, a complete cab interior and accurate markings. A closer look reveals opening engine covers with a fully detailed engine and access panels which when opened allow the cab to tilt and show the entire internal drive train on the dozer. Equipped with a working replica of a 90,000 lb capacity Carco H90 hydraulic winch.


Caterpillar introduced their revolutionary D7E electric drive track-type tractor in 2008. Separating the D7E from its competition and predecessors is its hybrid-electric drive train which reduces fuel consumption by 10 to 30 percent while improving the speed and power-to-ground efficiency rating by 10 percent. When combined, these increases result in an astounding 25% improvement in the material moved per gallon of fuel burned. The new design utilizes components that offer up to 50% longer life, and a 60% reduction in the number of moving parts in the electric drive power train. Even change intervals on hydraulic oil and filters has been increased by a factor of two and the power train oil and filters by an astounding factor of four.


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Production Run

Limited to 250 pieces

Precision Scale



9.5" long, 5.75" wide, 5.5" tall



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