1:24 Bucyrus Erie 15-B Crane & Cable Hoe – Brass


Closed Edition


  • Opening door to detailed operators cab
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Functional crane or cable hoe
  • Complete engine and working drums
  • Accurate Bucyrus-Erie paint and markings

Our all brass, hand-crafted crane and cable hoe versions of the 15-B, created directly from Bucyrus-Erie originals. A walk around the model from ground level shows the individual pads in the track assembly, the fully detailed track frame and working tensioners. Open the operator’s door and the model looks ready to operate with its complete compliment of controls and tractor-style seat. The 15-B’s power source, a six-cylinder gas engine, as well as the working drums, are accessible through the three sliding panels on the rear of the crane and hinged side panels opposite the operator. Individual sheet metal rivets on the house and hand assembled boom angle cords are just a few more of the museum quality details found on our Bucyrus-Erie 15-B precision scale brass model.

Bucyrus-Erie originally advertised the 15-B as “simple, strong and efficient”; attributes that made this crane one of the most popular digging and lifting machines ever produced. Produced for the better part of two decades, speed, capacity and dependability were hallmarks of this operator friendly machine. The large number of these cranes still working today is a living testimony to the legendary status of the 15-B.

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Limited to 215 pieces

Precision Scale




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