American Hoist & Derrick Model 518 Steam Derrick


Closed Edition


  • 40 Steam Donkey models (2003 release)
  • Working hoist drums
  • Functional crane
  • Accurate AHD paint


At 1:48 scale our model stands almost 16 inches tall with the mast crowned.  It was created from investment cast, etched, and formed brass – and then was meticulously hand assembled by the model maker to create a piece worthy of display.  Features such as moving steam cylinders, working winch drums, accurate rigging, 360 degree rotation, authentic gray and green colors combined with a simulated limestone load on the hook all pay homage to this innovative guy derrick.

Each model was individually serial numbered and supplied with a solid oak display base.  A signed registration certificate was provided to ensure its authenticity as a Classic Construction Model.

With its 50 ton rating, the American Hoist & Derrick Company’s Model 518 self-slewing guy derrick was the heavy lift king of the early 1900’s.  It incorporated a 50’ lattice boom and a 60’ lattice mast with a bull gear swing mechanism – design features that were state-of-the-art for their time.  By mounting the hoists and slewing mechanism on a deck attached directly to base of the mast, this machine was one of the first cranes capable of 360 degree rotation.

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Production Run

Limited to 500 pieces

Precision Scale




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