American 9310 Crawler Crane


Closed Edition


  • Opening door to detailed operators cab
  • 150’ boom plus 45’ jib
  • Three working winch with authentic rigging
  • Individually linked free-rolling track shoes
  • Working track tensioners and boggies
  • Accurate American paint and markings


Precision scaled at 1:48, all data on the model was taken from original drawings and redrawn on a CAD system.  Dimensions and details where then double checked for accuracy against photographs of the real machine.

Hand built entirely of brass, each of our models features individually linked tracks, three working hoist drums, a detailed operator’s cab and full 360 degree rotation. Each model is provided with 150 feet of scale boom and a 45 foot scale jib.  With the use of a turn-key the boom and load block can be raised and lowered.

Authorized and authenticated by the manufacturer, each model comes with a brass serial number plate and registration certificate to verify its authenticity as a Classic Construction Model.

Originally introduced in November 1972 with 355 horsepower and a lifting capacity of 225 tons, the 9310 quickly established itself as the “King” of American Cranes. With over 582 units manufactured, the 9310  was able to be fitted with a variety of attachments to make it one of the most versatile cranes ever produced.

With the addition of American’s Derrick, Sky Horse, Tower, Ring Horse and/or Hi-Lift boom attachments the lift capacity of a 9310 could be increased by as much as 700%.

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Production Run

Limited to 225 pieces

Precision Scale




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