1:48 Cat® 6040 Hydraulic Mining Shovel – Face Shovel – Die-Cast

This model has not yet been released.
Price TBD

  • 1:48 Scale
  • Die-cast
  • Production Run: TBD
  • Production Year: TBD

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  13.85″
  • Width: 6.75″
  • Height:  7″

Presenting the Cat® 6040 Hydraulic Mining Shovel – Face Shovel in a limited edition, one-time production run from Classic Construction Models. Die-cast in highly accurate 1:48 scale, this model measures approximately 13.85″ long, 6.75″ wide, and 7″ tall.  Noticeable features and areas of extensive detailing on the model include:

• Positionable boom, stick and bucket
• Radiators visible through side & back of machine
• Individually linked, free-rolling tracks
•  Ladders / ladder cage
•  Accurately replicated hydraulic lines
• Lights/ Mirrors
• Grab/ Handrails
• Opening cab door
• Detailed instrumentation
• Joystick controls
• Warning/ Safety labels
• Maintenance access points
• Maintenance platforms
• Functioning access stairways

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

The Cat® 6040 Hydraulic Mining Shovel is trusted on sites around the world — consistently delivering the productivity and durability expected. This proven shovel is known for top performance and high reliability, backed by the on-the-ground support of the Cat dealer network.

Durable and reliable C32 engines provide increased productivity, with the 6040’s 2,084 HP twin 12 cylinder engine drive system. With the Cat® design, the 6040 can exert maximum digging forces, and continue to recuperate energy via its closed-loop swing circuit using just a single engine.

Improved energy efficiency and less heat generation is obtained with the closed-loop swing system. Kinetic energy captured during swing motion is fed back to the system during deceleration, providing more power to drive the main and auxiliary pumps. This reduces the load on the engines and fuel consumption.

Targeted production is achieved with an optimized loading and hauling system to maximize volume of material moved at a low operating cost per ton. The 6040 is suited to load a wide range of large mining trucks including the Cat 785, 789, 793, 794 AC and 796 AC.

The TriPower™ Face Shovel design generates mechanical leverage and control with the unique boom design and rotatable triangular rockers. These features facilitate quicker cycle times, increased lifting forces, constant boom momentum, automatic constant bucket angle guidance and automatically limits roll-back. This enables the operator to work more safely and efficiently while lowering cost per ton.

The rugged front attachments are designed with high-strength steel and castings, which are joined and thermally stressed-relieved to extend service life and achieve production targets while with standing harsh mining conditions.

Improvements have been made to the undercarriage with updated heavy duty load rollers and idlers that incorporate duo cone seals, steel-back bronze bearings and fixed axle technology that results in increased service life and elimination of overheating during travel. Improvements to track pads, track tensioning, the track roller frame design, final propel gearbox, and wear volume increase durability and reliability of the undercarriage as well. The new heavy-duty rollers are retrofittable to improve reliability of shovels in the field.

Numerous advances have been made in creating a comfortable and safer environment for the operator.

• Protect operators with excellent visibility, safety glass in all cab windows, a top guard protection system and armored glass for the windshield as standard.

• Hydraulic controls are neutralized when the operator leaves the seat with our integrated safety switch.

• Operator fatigue is reduced with a heated, pneumatically cushioned, multi-adjustable operator’s seat, enhanced electro-hydraulic servo control, and intuitive on-board electronics.

• Vital machine and diagnostic data is displayed on the large, color touchscreen for convenient troubleshooting and service assistance.

• Internal ambient temperature is maintained by a HVAC system.

• Access, egress, and move about the machine more safely with 45° angled stairways, slide-down emergency ladder with safety cage, and hydraulically operated boarding ladder. Machine swing and propel capabilities are automatically disabled while boarding stairway is lowered.

Additional information


Face Shovel


Two (2) Cat® C32

Net Power

2,084 HP


23' 11"


15' 1"

Bucket Capacity

28.8 yd³

Bucket Payload

43.7 tons (US)

Operating Weight

446 tons (US)


26' 5"



Max Digging Height

48' 11"

Max Digging Reach

56' 6"

Max Digging Depth

9' 2"

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