Closed Edition


  • Solid cast in textured resin
  • Concrete gray
  • Will work with 1:48 to 1:50 scale models

Our Core-Loc models are an exact representation of the real thing. Using computer generated 3-dimensional drawings to create the master, each piece is solid cast in a textured gray resin to replicate concrete. Representing a Core-loc that measures 11 feet high and weighing 22 tons, this model is a perfect match for any crane in your collection that needs a hanging load.

A Core-Loc is a type of concrete armor device developed and patented by the US Army Corps of Engineers to build breakwaters and shore protection works. Although they have some resemblance to a child’s set of jacks, these units have been developed to produce an efficient use of concrete with sufficient strength and robustness to achieve a cost effective, highly stable structure. Available in a wide range of sizes to suite individual applications, Core-Loc technology is currently used in nineteen locations worldwide.

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2.75" square



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