Caterpillar 245 ME by CCM

1:48 Cat® 245 Mass Excavator – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Engine visible through opening doors and perforated engine covers
  • Individually-linked tracks with tensioners
  • Detailed hydraulic lines
  • Functional boom, stick, bucket
  • Accurate period paint and markings

The legacy of the Cat 245 lives on in our 1:48 scale die-cast replica of the Mass Excavator version of this bygone machine. It is equipped with the ME boom and stick and individually linked, narrow gauge tracks complete with spring tensioners in the track frames. Each model is crafted with a working stick and boom, positionable bucket, detailed hydraulic lines, accurate handrails and steps and a fully detailed engine accessible through opening doors. Perforated covers over the engine compartment add to the realism of the model and period correct paint and markings are the finishing touch. Each model includes specification sheet that is serial numbered so as to serve as the Certificate of Authenticity for the model.

The Cat® 245 was the largest hydraulic excavator offered by Caterpillar during the 1970’s and 1980’s. With a working weight of more than 145,000 lbs., it capitalized on a Cat 3406 diesel displacing 893 cubic inches and putting out 325 HP @ 2100 rpm with turbocharging and after-cooling for power. The engine arrangement kept the power rating constant up to 7,500 feet and the hydrostatic hydraulic system maximized available horsepower. Easy access to the rearmost engine bay service doors was possible due to the low mounting position of the counterweights.

The Mass Excavator version of this machine was provided with a stick which was 42% heavier than the standard one and a deeper box section to help handle loads. The ME also came with a larger bucket cylinder to provide higher breakout forces when working in dense materials.

A 4.5 yard rock bucket, a 5 yard general purpose bucket, and a 6.75 yard loose material bucket were offered for the 245ME.

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Approx. 14" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H



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