1:48 Cat® D9L With 631E Towed Scraper – Die-Cast


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  • Detailed operator’s cab with opening doors
  • Realistic tires
  • Individually-linked tracks with tensioners
  • Working bowl, apron, and ejector
  • Articulated 631E hitch axel
  • Accurate paint and markings
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Our 1:48 scale, die-cast model of the Cat D9L is a true representation of the actual machine. To capture as much detail of the original as possible, it features individually linked metal tracks with tensioners, articulated hitch, detailed cab interior and accurate markings. The 631E scraper has piston actuated bowl, apron, and ejector; full operator’s cab; opening engine access panel; and accurate hydraulic lines and safety rails.

In 1980 the D9L was introduced, a tractor that kept the line of bulldozers going strong. It was equipped with a Cat 3412 direct injection engine. This unit was turbocharged 12-cylinder which produced 460 flywheel horsepower. This legendary machine was the first of the D9 series to use the elevated final drives, first introduced in the D10, raising the undercarriage and lessening the strain and shock loads to the drive sprocket, as it no longer sat near the ground. In combination with the D9L, the 631E towed scraper allows more options in earth moving in comparison to the wheeled tractor scrapers. The dozer-pulled scraper can be used in all weather conditions, does not need a support vehicle for push or pulling, and is more efficient in shorter run situations. The tow bar axel assembly is usually custom made by the construction firm that owns the machines.

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Production Run

Limited to 750 pieces

Precision Scale



15.5" long, 3.25" wide, 3.5" tall



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