1:48 Cat® D10 Track-Type Tractor With U-Blade – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Positionable blade and multi-3 shank ripper
  • Detailed operator’s station
  • Individually linked tracks along with functioning track tensioners, idlers and drives
  • Accurate period paint and markings
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

In response to a large number of requests from CCM collectors it was decided to produce a 1:48 scale, die cast model replicating the early changes made to the D10 in 1980. This includes the twin exhaust stacks coming through the engine cover paired with dual air cleaners. A close look will show the changes that have been made to exhaust system, heat shields and other finishing details.

And of course, it will be loaded with features that help set CCM models apart – including a detailed enclosed operator’s cab, multi-3 shank ripper, individually-linked, free-rolling tracks, working track tensioners, functional bogeys, grab handles, fire extinguisher, hydraulic lines and work lights. A 19 foot wide U-blade that could push 35 yards of material on the real machine has been scaled down for installation on this model.

Measuring 8 1/4” long, 3 ¾” tall and just over 4 ½” wide, these models will be will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually serial-numbered reproduction of the original machine brochure as its certificate of authenticity.


When the D10 was introduced in 1978 it was a ground breaking machine – both in the field and in the market. Not only was it larger, it was also more productive than any other dozer available. It’s hard to believe that the proof of concept for the high drive system introduced on this machine was a model put together from lawn mower parts that could pull a full size Jeep. The easily recognized early version of the tractor had a single exhaust stack which was updated to twin stacks in 1980.

All of the other major features of the tractor including weight, power train, track length and gauge remained the same.

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7" long, 4" wide, 3.75" tall



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