1:48 Cat® D10 Track-Type Tractor With Push Blade – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Detailed operator’s station
  • Positionable blade and multi-3 shank ripper
  • Individually linked tracks combined with track tensioners, bogeys, idlers and drives
  • Accurate period paint and markings
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

In addition to our standard D10 with U-blade model, we will be offering the push dozer version. The design of the real machine will be replicated with its push/cushion blade connected to the main frame by trunnion mounted push arms. On this model there will be an open ROPS and multi-3 shank ripper. There’s no question this piece will be perfect to display pushing a wide range of scraper models.

One of the “purpose built” configurations of the D10 was a cushioned blade version. With this optional setup, push-loading scrapers to maximum capacity was fast and efficient.

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6.25" long, 3.25" wide, 3.75" tall



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